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Window Shopping Lyric

Artist: Hank Williams

Recorded by hank williams, sr.
Words and music by marcel joseph

Intro: [c] [g7] [c] [g7]
[c] you’re window shoppin’
Just [f] window shoppin’
[c] you’re only lookin’ a-[g7] round
[c] you’re not buyin’
[f] you’re just tryin’
To [c] find the [g7] best deal in [c] town. [c7]

You [f] give away your kisses
But you [c] never give your heart
To [d] anyone who’s fool enough to [g] fall ...[g7]
[c] you don’t feel love
You [f] don’t want real love
[c] you’re window [g7] shoppin’ that’s [c] all.

Repeat both verses.
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