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Dear Brother Lyric

Artist: Hank Williams

Recorded by hank williams, sr. (with audrey williams)
Words and music by hank williams, sr.

[c] dear brother, mama left us this morning
Death’s [g7] angels took her a-[c] way
She’s gone to meet daddy up there in heaven
But [g7] we’ll meet again some [c] day. [c7]

She [f] left this world with a [c] smile on her face
Whisp’ring the saviour’s [g7] name
[c] dear brother, mama left us this morning
For the [g7] city where is no [c] pain.

As I stood by her bedside, those last few moments
I lived my childhood again
I thought of you brother and of the old homestead
And my tears they fell like rain.
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